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8 Cute Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for a Date with Your Crush

8 Cute Valentines Day Outfit Ideas for a Date with Your Crush

We've rounded up all the Pinterest outfit inspo you need for Valentine's Day and ended up with 8 adorable dresses and outfits to turn heads and break hearts in 2022 - no matter if you're sweet or sexy. Casual and comfortable for day date's, or classy and sophisticated for dinner and drinks out! We've got you covered - even ideas for couples!

These outfit ideas are beyond cute, and just in case you were wondering, no, you don't need a date to wear them! 


Hot Pink Barbie Vibes

Obviously this photo of Hailey Baldwin is PB (Pre-Bieber) but she's always been a style icon - and let's be honest, do we really need an excuse for Barbie vibes? Hailey Bieber nails the ULTIMATE Valentine's Day look in a hot pink simple satin mini dress and chiffon robe to top it off. Is it a lingerie nightgown? Is it a dress? We don't care, but we LOVE the pop of champagne (pun totally intended) in the high heels, and a high pony to show off that gorgeous face. Well done, Mrs. Biebs, well done! 


Lace Top + Jeans + Heels

Fashion blogger Mia Mia Mine wearing a white Gucci belt and Levi's denim with a lace bodysuit and classic white high heels. Anything lace is instantly sexy, especially when it shows off the ever feminine décolleté. Major fan of distressed denim and the heels turn up the heat making this a perfect Valentine's Day date outfit! [via Pinterest]


Silk + Crop Top + Denim

Classic but modern. A satin crop top says you're sophisticated, but you're willing to push the limits. Simple and sensual. Pair it with long, lean, high-waisted denim for a sexy contrast.


Knit Two Piece Set

Kinda just want to be cozy, but want to make an effort? A 2-piece knit set is your bff. A set like this one is an effortless outfit making the outfit guessing game much easier, especially when you're hurrying, scrambling to put an outfit together when nerves are already high for date night! Keep it simple with understated accessories and a matching color purse! 

Pattern Play

Fashion Blogger Olivia Rink [via Pinterest] inspired us with this buffalo check plaid shirt dress, and then sealed the deal with the over the knee boots. Hello long legs! You can't do Valentine's Day without thigh high boots! The only thing we would do different is add a pop of color with a red purse and fun statement earrings (like these heart shaped earrings) to make this a perfect 10 for date night!


Floral Hints. We mean Prints. Floral Prints!

Drop subtle hints in a beautiful floral print dress like this! Because come on, every woman deserves flowers on Valentine's Day - single or in a relationship!

The LRD - Little Red Dress

Much like the LBD, the little red dress should be a wardrobe staple in every woman's closet. The red dress commands attention and you can't help but break hearts in such a bold color. Wear it in confidence, you sexy little thing, you!


The Stay-at-home "Every day is Valentine's Day" Couple


The shirts speak for themselves lol. On days like Valentine's Day, it's totally okay to go a little extra cheesy and do some matching tee's... AT HOME. WE REPEAT, AT HOME. So have Hubs order up some Chinese takeout while Wifey get cozy, and take your spots on the couch, but remember to spice it up a little bit too!


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