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Building Your Wardrobe

Out with the old, and in with the new! If you have too many clothes to even fit in your closet, and feel like you never have anything to wear, it might be time to give your wardrobe a major makeover. The new season calls for a change of clothes, and also a fresh new start.  Using our closet cleaning tips, you can make the process as painless as possible!


STEP 1- Clean your room!

  • Removing everything from your closet will create a mess on its own, so having a clean room to start with will alleviate the frustration and make the whole process less overwhelming.

  • Set the mood: Creating a stress-free environment will make cleaning your closet more relaxing.  Dress in comfy clothes, and jam out!


STEP 2- Get to work

  • Start out going through one category at a time, this makes it easier to try on clothes and decide whether to keep them or toss them.

  • Make Piles: STAY, MAYBE, and GO piles will help you organize what you are deciding to keep and give away.

  • Be HONEST: keeping clothes that you never wear just take up space. Since you are trying to de-clutter your closet and create a wardrobe you love, you need to be honest and ask yourself the following questions: Does this fit me now? Do I LOVE this? Is it in good condition Have I worn this in the past year?. If you answered no, its time to part with the item. My golden rule is, if you haven’t worn something within the past year, chances are you wont wear it this year. 


STEP 3- Organize

  • Once you’ve sorted through everything and decided which items you’ll be getting rid of, organize the remaining clothing in your wardrobe by color or type, depending on what’s more important and easier for you. Now that you have a wardrobe of items you love, make sure to display them for maximum visibility.

  • Purchase organizers that will help create more space. Shoe racks, storage bags, bins, drawer dividers, and jewelry organizers will help you have designated places for your items. Investing in sturdy matching hangers will give your closet an instant lift.

  • As you go along, make lists of what you need to buy, and what you need to bring to the tailor. 


STEP 4- Define your style

  • Looking at your closet decide what your favorite go-to items are, and what flatters you the most. This will help when you go shopping, so that you buy things will get the most use out of.

  • Look for style inspiration: Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find inspiration for new outfits. Making a style board on Pinterest can give you creative ideas.


STEP 5- Reward yourself for a job well done!

  • An emptier closet means more room for new clothes. With the list you've compiled of things that you need, go shopping and treat yourself! 

  • Now that you’ve defined your style, and analyzed your favorite items, prioritize your purchases. Buy what you need, is flattering, and will get the most use out of!

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